Now that the playroom is almost complete, it was time to get serious about the organization. Toys were everywhere... and not in the it's a playroom so it's cute kind of way. It was more like a dysfunctional toy store got caught in a tornado. There weren't a lot of toys we needed to get rid of--it was the organization that needed to happen.

We started by using mesh laundry bags to group toys and small accessories. For example, I put all the wooden train tracks in the storage bin and all the small accessories, buildings, people, and trees in the mesh laundry bag. This way, we can quickly clean up or take out what we need.

I can fit four storage bins under our Pottery Barn activity table perfectly. I have one for the wooden train set, another for the plastic train track set, one has random toys and blocks grouped in mesh laundry bags, and the fourth has Lovevery toys that Bentley has been loving lately.

I also linked the foldable seagrass baskets I use in our storage cube on the other side of the playroom. I have the same organization system in those, and it works wonderfully! By taking the time to get everything organized, it has helped us be able to clean up so much faster.

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