Now that Bentley is getting a little more independent, he's also getting way more creative--which I love! I wanted to create a cart for him to spark creativity and independent playtime during the workweek.

I'm not going to lie--the paint didn't last very long on the cart...I tried, but he still needs help to handle the paint. I ended up switching it out for his silicone tea set instead! He loves playing tea party and fills it with water to practice coordination.

Highlighting some of my favorite essentials on the cart--I used organization bins to keep everything in its place. On the top shelf, I used this container to hold paper, coloring books, paint books, and writing activity essentials. When I searched for cup holders for colored pencils, markers, and crayons, I couldn't believe how expensive they were! I went on the hunt to find an affordable option, and these short tumblers from Target are only fifty cents each and are the perfect size!! I grabbed six of them, and they come in so many color options, too.

On the middle shelf, I used one basket for Play-Doh and accessories and another for paint and paint brushes--which, now has the tea set. haha!

On the bottom shelf, I used one basket for extra clear containers filled with various markers, smaller crayons, and stickers. Lastly, I have his painting smock and washable paint markers from Lovevery

When he gets a little older, I'm sure I'll be able to add the paint back on and eventually add fun crafting scissors, glue, etc.

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What are your toddler crafting must-haves?

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