Now that travel season is upon us, I rounded up all my favorite travel essentials--toiletries and makeup. Most of these have been in my beauty routine for years, and a few have recently been added to my routine and have become all-time favorites.

Though when I travel soon, it won't be far, and most likely just to my parent's house, I'll still need all of my essentials. I love packing them in Clear Pouches to easily find what I need. I can toss them into my suitcase or Marc Jacobs Tote Bag.

Highlighting a few favorites, I am obsessed with all things Saltair. I've been using the body serum soap, deodorant, and body oil, and quickly fell in love with them. I love the Santal scent--there's just something about the combination of sandalwood, amber, and musk that creates an intoxicating, spa-like scent for me. For the few quiet moments, I get a day, I'm transplanted to a tropical resort being kissed by the sun...and then reality hits and a toddler runs in, and I'm reminded that I'm just hiding in my room scarfing down a piece of chocolate after getting ready. haha!

Another favorite is the Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream. I have this hand cream with me at all times--in my handbag and nightstand! Its shea butter and coconut formula helps keep my hands feeling so soft.

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What are your travel essentials?

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