I absolutely love the warmer weather, but I don't like the allergies that come with it. Our allergies have been worse than ever before this year, and if you're suffering from allergies this year, too, then this Amazon find is a must-have!

The NuWave OxyPure Zero E500 Air Purifier is a game changer for allergy season and year-round, too. Simply place it by the front door (or your slider door like we did!) and it will help capture pollen before it enters your home. Our slider leads to our backyard filled with plants, flowers, and tall grasses, but it's also filled with an abundance of pollen. Having the NuWave OxyPure Zero E500 by the door helps keep the pollen out of our home so we can spend more time playing as a family instead of suffering from allergies.

We also have our kitty Lilly's litterbox downstairs and we find this helps control the litter dust and her dander. It's been tested and proven to capture 100% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns. One of my favorite features is how long-lasting the filters are. Normally, replacing filters becomes extremely expensive and needs to be replaced often, but the NuWave OxyPure Zero E500 filters are washable and reusable for up to 20 years! It's also Energy Star certified, so for under $10 a year, you could run it when needed or 24/7 to keep your home and air healthier.

If you love to access your home's electronics and smart features from your phone you will love utilizing the NuWave Connect app to control and monitor the NuWave OxyPure Zero E500 from virtually anywhere.

Transform your home and health today.

A special thanks to Nuwave for sponsoring this post!

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