Parenthood has made date nights far and few, so when we have the opportunity for a date night, we take advantage of it. We have a couple of favorite places we head out to and grab a bite to eat, and then end up talking about and looking at pictures of our kids the entire time. haha!

We recently went out for an afternoon date to a party, and even though we brought Gabriel with us (I still haven't left him yet!!), he slept most of the time, which gave us some much-needed quality time with each other and friends.

One of my favorite things about date nights is the excuse to get dressed up. Working from home means usually staying in comfy clothes all day, so when we dress up, we love to embrace our styles. I love any excuse to wear a dress, and ladies, we can never go wrong with a little black dress.

Chris loves wearing bombers -- they're the perfect outfit add-on, and he's been obsessed with his leather bomber jacket. A leather jacket adds so much personality to his outfit. They're great for all seasons and if we're outside and it gets too warm, he can easily remove it.

In the fall, Chris will style his outfit around a suede bomber. I'm obsessed with how they look, and he has one in pretty much every suede and nylon color you could ever need in a capsule wardrobe. His dream would be to design a custom bomber jacket -- for custom sizing, design, and materials!

I can't wait for another date night soon!

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