I've always dreamed of having an area where I can embrace my succulent addiction and create floral arrangements without the fear of getting dirt all over the house or dirtying up the kitchen with floral stems. Just recently, my mom got her dream she-shed and she has a potting station in hers and a craft area, too.

I had a pile of leftover wood from our other DIY projects throughout the years, so I thought, "How hard could it be?!" I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and drew up a my head. haha! Once I decided how big I wanted to make it and my exact design, I checked to see if I had enough wood.

Originally, I would have had the perfect amount of wood, but two of my 2x4s got all janky, so instead of it being a $0 project, it turned into a whopping $10 project. I'll still call it a win though!

Here's what the space looked like when I got started. You can see my tape lines to check the dimensions and my pile of wood. I still can't believe this space didn't exist a couple of weeks ago! Once I was happy with the dimensions, I got started on the shiplap accent wall.

I put a horizontal board slightly above the foam insulation and then I ran the shiplap vertically across the wall. I took it almost all the way across--right until the light switch. I didn't want it to be across the entire wall, so the light switch seemed like a natural place for it to stop. I added a horizontal shiplap board across the top and then topped it with a 1x2 for a prettier finish. Just because it's scrap wood doesn't mean it can't be pretty, right?!

I patched the nail holes, sanded, and then painted the shiplap with leftover paint from our home--Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray. I knew it would pair well with our cabinet color, which is Sherwin-Williams Cyber Space!

In the picture above, you can see the bottom shelf and the top. It's a very simple design. A 2x4 frame and then a thick 3/4" plywood on top. I screwed the 2x4s together and attached the plywood using 1.5" nails in my nail gun. The top has a slight overhang on each side to give a little more counter space. To take the top to the next level, I added a 1x2 around the edges and mitered the corners.

Along the bottom shelf, I added a 1x2 and then decided to add a shiplap board as a skirting on both the bottom and top fronts. I took leftover shiplap boards to give my potting table simple sides so that nothing would fall off the shelf.

Overall, it took me about 2 weekends to complete it and a few days here and there to touch up paint and style my space.

Once I finished my potting station, I knew I needed to figure out a better way to access my hose to water my plants. I wanted a wall-mounted hose reel, so I upgraded my space with a gorgeous black hose reel from Liberty Garden.

The quality is beyond amazing. It's multi-directional, so you can easily switch up the direction the hose reel is facing. I love that I can turn it towards my potting station, forward (as shown), or towards the driveway to wash the cars or water my plants outside.

I didn't need a huge hose for what I needed, so I have a 50' hose, but the hose reel can hold up to a 125' hose! It's easy to wind up the hose (Bentley loves to help!), and it has a removable basket that I put the nozzle in. It's extremely durable, so you can mount it outside, not just in your garage like I did.

I have a shelf for my pots and some pretty vases. I also added a bar to hang my gardening tools. I'll be able to hang flowers to dry on the extra hooks, too!

I absolutely love how this project turned out, and I can't believe I built it all by hand! I hope this inspires you to try something new and create something beautiful. You might surprise yourself like I did!

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A special thanks to Liberty Garden for sponsoring this post.

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