If you're looking for a fun and delicious way to celebrate Father's Day this year, a dinner spread with their favorite foods served in gorgeous DEMDACO serve wear will surely be a hit!

We love, love Italian food, so we put a little spin on our household favorites. In the gorgeous Help Yourself Serving BowlI filled it with yummy goodness. Garlic knots, garlic texas toast, toasted ravioli, and mozzarella sticks are our favorites to have with pasta, so why not have all four for a Father's Day celebration!?

I put three yummy sauces in the Lotta Delish Tri-Bowl : marinara, vodka, and alfredo. They're perfect for dipping and, gosh, was this all delicious.

I also had a dish of stuffed shells smothered in marinara and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and parsley. You can't have an Italian night without a fresh salad covered in shaved parmesan and croutons, so of course, we had that, too!

We had such a fun time sitting around the island as a family and we're already brainstorming what our next food spread will be.

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