They say the days are long and the years are short, but I'm here to say it all feels oh so fast right now. With every passing day, I know my sweet baby boy is one day closer to one, and it hits me like a ton of bricks knowing this won't be a sweet, still nursery forever. I'm soaking in these baby days with him as much as I can, and choosing to love the moments spent in this room. Yes, even those middle-of-the-night feeds and snuggle sessions.

I wanted to share some of the details I love in his nursery--some are still the same from when we set up this space for Bentley, but over the years, I've changed a few things and added a few personal touches.

I love his mobile--it's little bunnies and we had it for Bentley, too. Recently, we added the darling rattan decor above his crib where Bentley's monogram sign used to be. The rattan helps warm up this space.

The rocking chair is the same I had when Bentley was born and I love knowing I'm creating more memories in this same space and chair. I used to have an old ottoman covered with a fur rug, but I knew I needed to update it eventually. I got this new storage ottoman and I'm obsessed. It's the perfect height and I love the added storage for stuffed animals and blankets.

On the shelves, I added his first ultrasound (cue the tears) and a few personal and vintage touches. The books are vintage and super special to me, the mug is a vintage gift, and made the "G" Peter Rabbit embroidery.

I hope this post inspires you to mix the old and new in your home--especially in your little one's nursery.

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