As a mama of two, both being natural births, I've nailed down a few key essentials to make those few weeks postpartum a little bit better down there. You're not traveling a whole lot during those first few weeks, but when you do, it feels like you're bringing everything but the kitchen sink. But through the chaos, there are a few essentials you need to remember to bring for yourself.

Postpartum Pouch Essentials

ToteSavvy Clear Pouch

I love, love my ToteSavvy Clear Pouches. I seriously use them for everything--makeup, travel, toiletries, baby essentials, and yep, I even used one for my postpartum essentials!

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Tushy Travel

Okay, so you know how you need a peri bottle postpartum? Well, ditch the peri bottle they give you in the hospital, and grab a Tushy Travel instead. It's a collapsable and portable bidet...because if you haven't given birth yet, then you must not--under any circumstances try and use toilet paper for the first few days...just don't. The Tushy Travel will help you stay clean!

Nursing Pads

No matter your feeding journey, you still might leak a little, so I liked keeping nursing pads on hand just in case.

Frida Mom Healing Foam & Disposable Briefs

After both boys were born, I used the Frida Mom Healing Foam. And by used, I mean, I went through 2-3 bottles each time. I love this stuff. It gives you a cooling feeling and helps speed up the healing of anything that might have happened down there during birth. I packed it in my hospital bag this time around and I'm so glad I did.

After birth, you get to wear super fancy diapers just like your newborn. When you're ready to wear something a little more discreet but you're not quite ready to wear your real undies yet, the Frida Mom Disposable Briefs are my go-to!

Always Pads

After I graduated from the super long hospital pads, I loved the Always Flex Pads. They hold so much and I never had to worry about leaks at night. They're magical!

Aloh Wipes

These sanitizing wipes are great for those on-the-go moments. They're extremely soft, super durable, and smell amazing!

Biggest Tip: Have your postpartum pouch essentials ready to go before giving birth so it's one less thing for you to worry about once your little one is here.

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