Over the past few years, I've mastered packing my tote with essentials for me and my little ones. I'm rounding up my top essentials and finds that I almost always have packed in my bag.

You know I have to use my ToteSavvy Original Bag Organizer to organize my Marc Jacobs Tote Bag. It is seriously a game-changer and I refuse to use a traditional diaper bag! ToteSavvy combines function and style to provide you with effortless organization in motherhood.

I also love the ToteSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set. I use the smallest pouch most often for my makeup essentials or when I have the kiddos, I use it for pacis, teethers, sunnies, and feeding essentials.

I always have to have sanitizers and wipes with me. If you have boys, you know they are messy. I also keep a wet bag with me at all times just in case there's an accident while we're out or if a blowout happens. It's also great to have for soiled burp cloths and bibs.

A few of my favorite essentials I pack for myself are my portable phone charger, lip balm, hand lotion, and keys & card holder.

Happy packing and happy summer!

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