With the season change, it was time to update some of the essentials in my nightstand drawer. I still have a lot of the same essentials I did when I originally organized my nightstand drawer, but I've added a few essentials I use every day now!

I've been obsessed with the Laneige Lip Mask since the day I bought it. It helps my lips feel nourished and hydrated all night. During the day, I love to use Summer Friday's Lip Balm either as a base for my lip gloss or alone.

If your hands feel dry no matter the time of the year, this cuticle oil and Hand Cream are a dream combination. My hands always feel dry and this combo of products keeps them looking healthy and glowy for the summer.

I've been trying to get better at taking time to journal about my day, read a book, or fill out my gratitude journal. I purposefully keep them in my nightstand drawer so I have them right next to me even after I've cozied up in bed. Especially now that Gabriel is in his own room throughout the night, it makes it easier for me to read with the lamp on or use my rechargeable reading light.

With summer in full literally, full bloom, the plants--I mean allergies are slowly killing me. I feel like I'm always blowing my nose, so I like to keep tissues and my hand sanitizer nearby. I also still keep my vitamins right in my drawer.

Last up, my lovely acrylic organizers. I use these in pretty much every room of my home--I love them that much. They've helped me transform so many drawers and I've been able to keep them looking perfect because they force me to keep only the essentials and not stuff random things in the drawers.

What are your nightstand essentials?!

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