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I am so excited to share my newest DIY project with you! We completely transformed our powder bathroom and I am obsessed. Don't get me wrong...the before wasn't terrible, but I knew it could be better. The whole renovation started off with needing more storage in our powder room. There was nowhere to store extra toilet paper, towels, or bathroom cleaning supplies. It's also the downstairs bathroom my parents use when they stay in our home as they stay in the playroom as our guest bed with the pull-out couch! This vanity from Lowe's is so beautiful and the countertop and cabinet storage is perfect for them for when they visit.

The best part of this project is I completed it just hours before they came to visit last week. I told my parents I was going to wait to gut and start this project after their visit because it was going to be such a big one...but I completed it as a surprise so they could see it!

Let's take a look at the before photos and some of the process and then you can see more of the gorgeous reveal.

I started off taking the board & batten boards off--with Bentley actually. haha! He really wanted to help, and I knew this was going to be one of the only things he could help with. Demo was fun and got me so excited to completely transform the space.

After demo was completed, I started wallpapering. Let me tell you...wallpapering might not be on my DIY to-do list for a very, very long time again. It took me a little over eight hours, and after all of that work, I almost ran out of wallpaper, but I was determined to make it work so I didn't have to purchase another roll. Thankfully I didn't have to go all the way to the top because I knew we were installing a dramatic crown molding and the bottom was going to be overlapped by the new beadboard and moldings.

The beadboard comes in huge 4'X8' sheets, but if you know your measurements ahead of time, you can ask a Lowe's associate to help you cut it to the sizes you need so you don't need a table saw at home. That's what we did, and it helped save a lot of time and money so we didn't need to rent a large table saw.

Once the beadboard was up, I could start to see the space coming together. Most of the dark navy blue was covered, and it started to feel lighter and brighter.

Putting up the crown molding was the last step before patching and painting. We got it all up, and I patched and let it dry for about an hour and then began painting. Overall, I did about three coats of Sherwin-Williams Pure White. Pure White is one of my favorite whites to use, and we have used it on a lot of trim and stair risers in our home.

Installing the vanity was extremely easy. It came with everything we needed to connect the pipes, and then we added a matte black Moen faucet. The Lowe's delivery team was so great and delivered it right into our home and we even inspected it upon arrival with the delivery team to be sure it was in perfect condition. This vanity also has the optional stone backsplash, which we opted to install for added protection and a finished look.

Okay, let's take a look at this gorgeous powder room! 😍

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