The other day I was finally motivated to redo my office. For the past year I had been wanting to paint my daybed and take it one step further towards preppy perfection. I still had a lot of darker furniture-- a bookshelf, the bed was a darker wood, and my desk. I wanted it all to be white and bright! So, after work, I took a trip to Lowes and Target to pick up some supplies! Fun fact about me: I love Lowes. I could seriously stay in there for hours just roaming around finding new projects to take on. I love me a good DIY. Once I had everything I needed, it was tarp down and paint out! 

Here's what the daybed looked like before several coats of paint got a hold of it! 

All I used to achieve a perfect bright white, was HGTV Home Paint & Primer, a good, angled paint brush, and a paint dish. I have a roller in the picture below, but after I started painting, I realized I didn't like the way it was putting the paint on. Also, I totally didn't need a gallon of paint. I thought I would have needed way more than I really did. I only used a quarter of it, but now I have leftovers to redo my kitchen table! 

Lilly of course wanted to help too! 

I made a bit of a mess, just slightly. 

I used to have this vanity table in the living room, but I've started to redecorate in there, so I moved it into the office to use as a super cute desk! The chair used to be in the living room as well, but Lilly's kitty condo took over that corner, and now it makes for a perfect office chair. 

I got a new bookshelf to tie into the bright room. I'm sure I'm going to change what goes on the bookshelf and where it goes, so I'll share those updates with some Instagram shelfies!

Eep! Look how cute the daybed is! Of course I had to get new bedding to go along with the "new" room too. I couldn't resist the set when I saw it. Tj Maxx does it again! All of the pictures I left from the last time I redid my office, but you can find these and ones like it at Homegoods and Marshalls! The frames for them I bought at Ikea and they're two to five dollars a piece. 

Lilly loves to snuggle up under my feet on the cozy rug while I blog. 


You guys know I can't keep anything the same for too long, right? Well I'm adding this extra piece in just a week later, because guess what? I moved everything around again... 

This time I added my makeup table! I was finding that my master bedroom was far too cluttered, so I moved a few things around and put my makeup table in the corner where the bookshelf was! Plus, this gave me SO much extra natural light to do my makeup. 

Here's a quick peek at what the room looks like with the bookshelf on the other side of the room.

Now my desk is all situated...again, and it's extra fancy!

Now that everything is so bright and cheerful, I feel so much more motivated to go into my office, sit at my desk, and blog. Would you be interested in seeing an updated home tour since this one? >>> My Preppy Apartment Let me know in the comments. 

PS. If you are interested in what the office looked like during the first round of updates, check out this post from last year . You're not going to believe your eyes >> Office Makeover



  1. LOVE this, Kristen! Everything looks perfect - love the whites and gray. Can't wait to come over and see it in real life. :)

    1. I'm so glad you got to see it the other day! : )

  2. Oh my word -- this is INCREDIBLE! I love it all!! Can I have your cat, though? ;)

    1. Thank you! And isn't she the cutest!? : )

  3. I want your office! I love every little detail!

    Greta |

  4. I love your office space! I can't wait to finish decorating my office soon.

    xoxo, Jenny

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see what yours looks like when it's all finished!

  5. Your office is SO cute! I love everything you did, it's so bright and colourful and super inspiring! It looks like the perfect place to get some work done!

    La Belle Sirene

    1. Thank you! A bright office is the way to go! : )


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