Saturday, July 23, 2016

Have you ever taken one of those quizzes online that are like, "What job should you have?" or "What you should you do with your life?" or my favorite, Myers Briggs?... I do! I take them all the time, mainly because they are fun and I like the suggestions, because maybe, just maybe, one of those options it gives, I might slightly have an interest in. For me, finding the ideal "perfect" career has been a challenge. I'm happy where I am. I mean, I play with makeup all day for heaven's sake. But, I need something to look forward to when I get home (besides my sweet kitten, of course!). 

At the end of every quiz I've taken, two suggestions are always the same: blogger/writer and manager. Both of these things will always be a part of who I am. A blogger in my free time (maybe full time someday!) and a manager full time. 

Even though I work such a creative job, I still have room for more creativity. I want to take on random diy projects I find on Pinterest, I want to style outfits, and I want to spend my days off redecorating my apartment. So, I do. I'm too creative for my own good sometimes... and being creative can be expensive. Do you know how much money I can spend at Homegoods and Marshalls in an afternoon?!...let's not even bring Target into this! Anyways, enough about my shopping addiction. I seriously needed another positive outlet for my creativity. I was getting too mopey and needed to make a change. 

An ENFJ (Myers Briggs) like myself is creative and loves to be influential. I get to be creative and influential at my day job by leading and building a team, but blogging and getting to do those both of these things at once gives me such fulfillment. 

With blogging, I get to be as creative as I want, but most importantly, to me, I get to be influential. Whether it be as simple as inspiring a makeup look or a cute outfit, or as big as touching someone's life through one of my posts, I just live for that. It gives me purpose and a reason to write, and yes, I write for my readers, (yes, that's you!), but I also write for myself, too. It's a way for me to share my heart and my passions with the world. 

You may have seen in this previous post that I bared my soul to you about my anxiety and depression. Blogging has helped me come to terms that I needed to do something about it and the first step to fighting it, was to own it. From my last real reason post, the love through comments and text messages that I received was more than enough motivation for me to keep blogging. I just needed a little push. I know it's been a while, over six months since I really started to blog, but this time, for real, I want to give it a shot. 

That is the real reason I started blogging again. 

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