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Thursday, February 2, 2017

I'm going to give it to you straight. The past few months have been hard for me. A lot of you know that I struggle with anxiety and depression as I talked about it in a popular post: The Real Reason I Got a Kitten. Depression and anxiety comes and goes in waves for me. I'll have good days and bad days, but for a while now, it's gotten worse. I've been having anxiety attacks consistently--almost daily, and I've decided I need a change.

For most of these I am preaching at myself, but I thought these might be helpful for others as well. It's time to make some changes and give ourselves the life we deserve. We are not meant to work, pay bills, and die. We are meant for so much more, and it's time we start living. Here are just a few ways that I am finding to minimize my life and help me cope with my anxiety and depression.

ONE // Cut the Stress

If a relationship or friendship is causing you stress, it's time to cut ties. If your job is causing you to stress beyond normal function. Aka. You're losing sleep, you hate the atmosphere, you get anxiety just being around your's time to leave and find another job. Remember, it is your life and you can control these things around you. It may be scary as ever to leave the comfort of certain things behind, but it's also a step of faith. God will provide. He will heal. You can let go. He's got you.

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TWO // Declutter your Closet

Get rid of anything and everything you have not touched in the past twelve months. If it's a summer outfit you say you'll fit into one day, just save yourself, and get rid of the outfit. Purge it all! I've been listing items on Poshmark recently and loving it! I've sold a few handbags and some clothes to make a little extra moolah! If you're interested in anything I have left, you can check out my Posh closet! Posh Closet: @a_classy_fash

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THREE // Purge your Home

Do you have that crazy family member that insists you keep every family heirloom--the good and the, well, to be quite honest, hideous? Or maybe you've moved a million times in the past few years like me, and you still have all of the same crap from your college apartments. All of that for me is shoved in back corner cabinets and the back of my closets. Well, for me, and for you, it's time for it all to go! If it's shoved in the back of your storage unit because you might need it one day it's time. Just let it go.

FOUR // Balance your Checkbook

You need to set some financial boundaries for yourself. Set a budget for each month and actually stick to it. A lot of people my age (and older!) are HORRIBLE with their money, and I just don't get it. One, because it's your hard earned cash--be smart with it. And second, we're poor! Don't act like you have all this money laying around at twenty five. If so, please teach me your ways. So, instead of racking up your credit card debt month over month, pay those puppies down and keep them down. Why get yourself in over your head in debt, when in all reality, was it really worth getting yourself hundreds of dollars in debt because you needed those shoes? Obviously you don't. And hey, if you're one of those lucky ones in your twenties not living paycheck to paycheck, SAVE all that you can. Invest in your future, trust me, your future self will thank you.

FIVE // Cut your Social Media Time

I know. I know. I sound like a crazy person.  A blogger telling you and to cut out social media time. It's not that you can't be on the internet, what I mean is, choose wisely when you do. If you're out with friends, try and go the whole dinner without touching your phone. Live in the moment, not on your phone. If you're hanging out with your significant other, don't touch your phone for a few hours. Give them your undivided attention. Whenever I'm home visiting my family, I hardly ever touch my phone until I'm in bed by myself. All in all, it's okay in moderation. Just like everything else in life.

What are some things that you are going to do to simplify your life?


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