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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I am SO excited to share with you my new updated Dining, Kitchen, and Living Rooms! We had our dining table & chairs and our bar cart on our wedding registry, and we were so blessed to have received them. If you don't know what our living areas looked like before our makeover, then you totally have to check out my post from two years ago: My Preppy ApartmentThat is from when I first moved in, and quite honestly, it makes me cringe hardcore. The pics and the post. Don't judge. Just check it out if you want to see the before. haha! 

I'll take you through each room starting with the dining room and then we will end with the living room! In our apartment, it's open concept for the living areas, which I love! It's also nice, because now everything is so cohesive and finally matches our dream of a glam farmhouse. Now, it's not in its final state simply because we don't have a house yet, so we can't update lighting fixtures, flooring, and wall colors, but this will do for now. We are so very lucky that the wall colors are a gorgeous light gray and the carpeting is light gray as well, and we have gray tile flooring in the kitchen with gorgeous countertops. 
Let the tour begin!

Dining Room //

Isn't our farmhouse table gorgeous?! It is this table from Target with these wooden chairs, these accent chairs, and this bench. Target always has these items in and out of stock, because they are so popular. We had to wait a week in between for the table and bench because they kept selling out!

So that my entire post isn't full of links, I will link the rest of my decor items and furniture at the bottom of this post for easy shopping in case you love it as much as I do!

I'm obsessed with our gallery wall. We got the frames a ton of different places, but I will link them at the end of the post. It's kind of hard to see with the glare, but the center feature photo is of both of our immediate families together at our wedding. The rest of the pictures are some of our favorites from the wedding as well. 

My Lilly baby. She always finds a way to make it into a post. ;)

I love our bar cart. It matches our home so perfectly. The print above the bar cart Chris designed, just like he designed the ones for our master bedroom above our bed. You can see them here!

I freaked out when I saw this ice bucket at Target! I couldn't handle how cute it was and I just had to have it!

Kitchen //

I seriously have vintage mason jars in every room of the house full of flowers. This week was Peonies, one of my favs! I usually find these mason jars for under $5 at thrift stores and farmer's markets in the Summertime. Here you can see our gorg subway tile and countertops as well! All of the heart eyes.

Guys. The countertop space we have is unreal. It's perfect for prepping and then we have a bar as well! It makes it nice for when we have friends over and we all don't fit at the dining table. It's usually not this clean. I usually make a pile at the end of the counter with my handbag, papers, mail, you name it. It's one of my hubby's biggest pet peeves--oops! I'm working on it!

*Note: Look at our teeny tiny TV! It's just so cute on the huge TV stand. In the living room portion, you get to see our huge upgrade!

It's the perfect little "U" kitchen. Since it's open concept, when Chris is in the kitchen cooking, I can still see and talk to him if I'm sitting at the table working, or he can still chat with friends as we all hang out.

Fun fact: I was totally going to take everything off the fridge to make it look cleaner, but then I thought, it makes it look more homey. I have my little sis's (my flower girl & little girl I started nannying in college) drawings, family pictures, and all of my calendars and lists.

Living Room //

I love our living room now that we've updated it so much. The shelves are one of my fav DIY projects I've ever done, and we just upgraded our entertainment center with a brand new TV! It was our wedding present to ourselves! haha!

The thing I love about our living room is that it truly is a mix of my glam style with my hubby's farmhouse/wooden style. He picked out the entertainment center and I love it.

I hope you loved my second part of my home tour! As promised, here are some links to furniture and decor items that I have in my home. Some of these are affiliate links, but I truly love them. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in my home! :)

Stay Classy.

Dining Room // 
Frames in gallery wall (here & here)
Candle & Candle Holder (Holder is still in-store!)

Kitchen //
Most of the decor items came from Homegoods, TJMAXX, or Marshalls :) 

Living Room // 
Glass Shelves (diy to gold)

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