Here it is! The last room of my home to finally hit the blog. I've lost track on how long this room has been in the process of getting redecorated, but I'm so glad it's finished. It's full of natural light, new bedding, and some personal homey touches. As I revealed in my Home Tour // Dining, Kitchen & Living post, Chris and I have decided to decorate our home with a Farmhouse feel. We're currently living in a two bedroom apartment, but soon we are hoping to buy a home. But until then, we're going to make the best of apartment living and make it as homey as can be.

Today, I'm sharing our spare bedroom, which also happens to be my office...even though we all know, most of the time, I'm working from the dining table or the couch. haha! This room is so special to me because I was able to add in personal touches, and it's also where my wedding dress is on display.

 I didn't have a lot of money to put into this refresh, so most of the pieces I used were found in my decor stash or on clearance. Coupons quickly became my best friend as well. A room refresh doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It's all about adding personal touches and making it feel like home.

Whenever I am planning to decorate a room, I try to mix in the old with the new. A lot of my accent decor pieces are either vintage finds or DIY projects. I feel that when you mix vintage pieces in with things you can find at Target and HomeGoods, you immediately create a welcoming and homey atmosphere. What more could you want for your guest bedroom? For me, since I incorporated my office in the corner, I wanted it to stand out as an office, but also fit the theme.

How I Mix Vintage Pieces with the New //

Vintage Mason Jars //

I am obsessed with mason jars. They're in each and every room in my home, and I even used them as decor in my wedding. I just love how they immediately bring a farmhouse feel and they also hold beautiful memories. They remind me of one of the happiest days of my life and they hold many more memories than just mine.

Vintage Dressing Table as a Desk //

I've had this piece for a while as it was given to me a few years ago when I first moved into my apartment. It was originally orange and cream, but when I acquired it, I painted it white and kept the original hardware. I just love how the shape and detail continue to stick with the farmhouse feel and that the dressing table is the perfect size for an office corner nook.

Vintage Side Tables //

All three of the side tables in the room are vintage pieces. The side table next to my desk was my Mom's when she was a child and the side tables next to the bed were picked up at a yard sale for a few dollars each. It's amazing how things from such a long time ago still have life to them--all it takes is a little spray paint. ;)

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New Pieces that Fit in with the Old //

Distressed Accent Decor //

My eyes lit up when I saw the farmhouse prints and distressed windowpane at Michael's Craft Store. My Grandpop always says one of two things when I see him: "I love you big, big" and "I love you a bushel and a peck". I knew I just had to have that on my wall. I decided to grab the other Farm Sweet Farm print and have them on the same wall as they are. 

Gold & Geometrical //

I just love the way that gold accents with wooden and distressed furniture. I just feel like the are a match made in heaven. I added in a few gold details on my desk and I also picked out the gold geometric lamps for the nightstands.

Light & Bright Bedding //

If I could have all white bedding on every bed I own, I totally would. Unfortunately, it's just a bit unrealistic, so I opted to do a white comforter with white and blue striped sheets. To me, lighter bedding is so inviting and it looks clean and bright. The striped bedding also pulls in the farmhouse feel even more.

Let's talk about just one more thing: my wedding dress. I couldn't bare to keep it in a bag in my closet, so I decided to put it on my dress form as a showcase piece. Eventually, I want to get a really large box to place it in and mount to the wall in my future massive walk-in closet, but until that happens, I'm happy with how it's showcased currently. Every time I walk into my spare bedroom & office, it's a reminder of love and happiness.

A special thanks to Havenly for inspiring this post.

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What's your favorite decor element in my spare bedroom & office? 

Stay Classy.


  1. beautiful photos and love the pop of colours and rustic vibe.

  2. I love that red pillow. The pop of color is gorgeous.

  3. I just love how you have your wedding dress on display! It's such a stunning piece!

    xoxo, SS


  4. This is beautiful! I love that you're able to display your dress, too :)

  5. So pretty! I love the pops of color that you add because a lack of color is always my one complaint of farmhouse styled decor!

  6. Your lamps and gold desk organizer are my favorites - they add just the right amount of flare to the room!

  7. What a gorgeous room, I love that you didn't spend a ton. It is absolutely elegant and simple. You have inspired me to do a room in my house on a budget!!!

  8. Ahh it's so cute! I have those little gold orbs that are on the tray on the bed too! They are perfect little accents!

  9. I love it! Also, your wedding dress is gorgeous, what a nice way to display it.

  10. You made this room feel so homey - it definitely doesn't seem like an apartment.
    I love your cute little desk + its accessories, especially the vase full of flowers. Fresh flowers make SUCH a huge difference in a room! :)

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  11. This room turned out so cute! I wish my office looked this cute and organized.

  12. I love your room! I pinned some images! Also, your dress is gorgeous!

  13. I love the farmhouse look! Definitely my style too :) I need to step my game up!

  14. Oh my gosh this is sooooo cute! I love all of the white but the random pops of color! It looks amazing!

  15. I loved this! I SPY A KITTY! That was my favorite part..but I also loved your bedding!

  16. This is beautiful! I love your light and colors! We’re in a little apartment too, and I am so inspired by how beautiful you have made yours!

  17. I adore this room! I love love that you have your wedding dress out. If I didn't have 2 crazy dogs I would definitely do this too!

  18. I just love how light and bright the room is , and LOVE that pop of red


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