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If you've followed my blog for the past year or so, you know that my kitty, Lilly, is a huge part of my life. Lilly has the biggest personality and the best facial expressions a cat could ever have. She's my snacking & snuggle buddy, and the sweetest cat you'll ever meet. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Yes, I'm the crazy cat lady that hates leaving her even for just a second. When I first adopted Lilly a year and a half ago, my life truly changed for the better. I never thought that a cat could mean so much, but she truly does mean the world.

Today, I want to chat with you about how your cat (or your future kitty) can help reduce stress and improve your mental health and also a way to thank them for their endless therapy sessions. You see, before I got Lilly, my mental health wasn't where it should be and I was willing to try anything to help myself feel human again. About a month after I got Lilly, I wrote a post on The Real Reason I Got a Kitten, and it really helped people understand me and where I was coming from. Confession: I just went back and read that post and tears were streaming down my face, because I am so thankful for my little fur ball of joy. Give it a read if you'd like, it might make everything else in this post make a little more sense.

How Your Cat Can Help Reduce Stress & Improve Your Mental Health

One // Cats relieve anxiety & stress

Cats have a way of understanding human emotions, sometimes better than humans themselves. A huge part of my anxiety stems(ed) from the unknown and uncertainty of life itself and it would stress me out to no end. I believe that cats understand when we need a little extra love and their cuddles can be the most relieving medicine out there.

Two // A cat is calming

Have you ever just listened to a cat's purr? It's one of the most calming sounds you'll ever hear. Sometimes when I'm feeling anxious, I'll hold Lilly and press my ear to her and snuggle to feel her purr. In fact, their purr has a frequency that is medically proven to be therapeutic.

Three // Cats improve your mood

How can you not be happy with a cute little kitty around? Cats have such impressionable personalities and if you give them love and are playful with them as a kitten, they provide a lifetime of happiness, silliness, and the best time of your lives. Lilly will do some of the silliest things and I'll just bust out laughing! If you need a good laugh, grab a laser pointer and play with your cat for a few minutes. It'll provide you both a little mood boost!

Four // Cats keep you company

Cats are some of the best companions out there. They're snuggle bugs and they're never too far away. Lilly will literally follow me from room to room throughout the day and I never feel alone. If I leave a room too quickly and she doesn't see where I went, she meows all throughout the house like I've been lost forever. I call her name and she comes running. It's the cutest thing and it shows that she wants to be near me. Cats love their humans.

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Five // Cats help with depression

There has never been any truer statement than this. Cats truly help with depression. I am a living testimony that a cat can make such a huge impact on your life. Whenever I am feeling sad, I kid you not, Lilly is always there. If I'm crying, Lilly will leave my side, but only for a second, because she's gone to grab her favorite toy to bring to me to try and make me happy. But in all reality, it's not about the fact that she's bringing me a toy. It's that she's doing all she can to help make me feel better in that moment and always. If you deal with depression like I do, you get it when I say sometimes you just don't feel like talking to someone. This is when a kitty comes in. No words need to be spoken, just therapeutic cuddles to be given.

How to Thank & Love on Your Kitty //

Cats are amazing little animals and Lilly is my therapy kitty. Without her, I honestly don't know where I'd be in life. In exchange for her endless therapy sessions, don't worry, I'm paying her back big time. From upgrading her food to good-for-her foods, endless snuggles, and toys galore, I thought that there was one more aspect that I could upgrade for her to thank her for all she's done. You see, kitties need a little spa experience of their own, so upgrading their litter is one of the easiest and biggest ways we can make them feel a little more loved.

I'm all about giving Lilly the best products, so I discovered a new litter out there that's dye & fragrance free. It's the new TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™Unscented Clumping Litter. This new dye & fragrance free litter does more than mask pesky odors--it works to destroy them thanks to it's odor absorbing power of activated charcoal. For far too long, we've fought the battle of litter box odors taking precious time away from our cats. It's time we do ourselves and our kitties a favor and try this new, innovative litter.

TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™Unscented Clumping Litter and all TIDY CATS® products are sold at PetSmart, where shopping for your pets is always an adventure. Lilly has come along with me several times to PetSmart, and she loves the friendly pet-loving staff that always give her so much attention. I think that's because she's the cutest kitty ever...but I'm a little biased. PetSmart also has a huge variety of premium quality Purina pet products from food to treats. While you're there, you can always grab a new kitty tree or bed for the winter! PetSmart truly has everything your kitty (or any pet) will ever need!

You know I'm not going to recommend a product without truly loving it myself and without getting you a deal! For a limited lime, if you buy one (1) 35-lb. TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™Unscented Clumping Litter at PetSmart, you'll get one (1) $5.00 code for a Spa Session. To receive your $5.00 code, simply send a photo of your PetSmart TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™purchase receipt to 30364 with the code "GIFT" in the message between 1/8-4/8/18, and you'll receive a special $5 Spa Session gift card. For more information, click here!

One transaction only and this deal is valid 1/8-4/8/18.

Our pets deserve only the best. Especially when they do so much for us. Unconditional love and endless therapy sessions are just the beginning. Give your pets a little extra love today--they deserve it.

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