Throughout most of 2017, I kept up with my goals posts and not only did they keep me held accountable, they also sparked a little inspiration in some of you! In reading my goals posts, I hope they inspire you to chase after your goals and never give up on them. Sometimes you'll hit them, others will be a far miss, but that's okay. What matters the most is that you give it your all.

During December, I was so motivated to end the year strong. My December goals post: Year End Reflections To Help You Grow In The New Year really inspired me (and hopefully you as well!) to keep pressing on.

December Goals Revisited //

Personal Goals

One // Cherish the Christmas Season

I did my best to cherish the season. It was definitely overwhelming at times, but having time to spend with my husband while he was off work was simply amazing. I also had an amazing time with family and friends, singing at church for Christmas Eve, and simply relaxing.

Two // Treat myself to something

Call me crazy, but I treated myself to discount Christmas decor! Once the decor was 50% off at Marshalls & Home Goods, I scooped some up and it just brightened my day!

Three // Not wait until the last minute to finish my Christmas shopping

I did it! I actually had everything bought and wrapped a whole four days before Christmas. haha! I totally would have had it wrapped sooner, but some presents were a little delayed in shipping.

Blogging Goals

One // Start planning content for the new year

Check! My content calendar is completely set for January, and I have February & March blocked out full of ideas. I'm so excited for where my blog is headed this year!

Two // Host a mini giveaway on my blog

I hosted my first giveaway in my Ride or Die Beauty Products of 2017 post and it was so great! I was blown away by how many of you entered!

Three // Prepare to redo my blog layout

I actually decided not to change my entire layout for the time being, but to just add a lifestyle drop down tab on my blog. A lot of you and brands were having a hard time finding some of my content, so I wanted to have everything organized especially for you!

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January Goals //

Personal Goals

One // Clear out the spare closet

For the past year, I have been selling my clothes online and still have tons of clothes left. I want to take all the clothes out and donate them. It's time they move on. I need my closet back.

Two // Read one book

I have bought so many books this past year, and I haven't read a single one all the way through. I have an inspirational book for the #girlboss in me and I have just got to finish it. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll start on another.

Blogging Goals

One // Pre-write blog posts

I've prepped several blog posts ahead, but I'd love to continue to get ahead on my writing so that I feel less stressed as the weeks pass by faster and faster.

Two // Stop focusing on numbers

Numbers can be super encouraging or they can be a thorn in our sides. I want to stop focusing on the numbers to the point that it stresses me out. Oh, I lost a few followers? No biggie, because they obviously weren't my target audience.

Three // Plan out photoshoot sessions

I've been getting into this habit of prepping a list of photoshoot shots. It's helped tremendously, especially when I have certain photo requirements for sponsored posts. I want to keep this going in the new year so that I can be more efficient and productive as ever!

What are some of your goals for January?! Did you hit any of your goals from December or even from last year?! I'd love to know and celebrate with you.

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