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Thursday, March 29, 2018

We're moving! Oh my--how sweet are those words?! It's been a long time coming, for sure. We've been praying & waiting a very long time, and we're finally able to get out of our apartment lease. This is the apartment that I've had since 2015, and it's the only home the blog has ever seen.

It's a total bitter-sweet feeling for me, because it was my first apartment that I made a home. It's where I got ready on my wedding day, the home we brought Lilly to, and where Chris & I have spent our first year of marriage. It's such a gorgeous apartment, and I'll be so sad the day we hand in our keys, but it's a good sad. It's the type of sad when you reminisce about all of the good (and the bad) times that were spent somewhere, but you leave the bad behind and take the good memories with you when you leave.

I've felt for a while now that it's time to get out of the apartment, but we would always be trapped & forced to renew our lease for another year. Over the last six months, Chris and I have been searching hard for other apartments & homes that we could rent/buy, and it was a struggle. We had been more motivated than ever once our apartment complex took a complete 180°.

The apartment complex just started to let anyone and everyone into the apartments that wanted to rent...which did not go over so well with me. Neighbors were starting to have "jam sessions" at two in the morning...drums and all, kids would scream and slam doors, smoke indoors (I hate the smell & it would get into our apartment), they would throw huge, loud parties, and they would walk outside drunk, shouting as they passed our bedroom windows. I don't live in a bad area, what-so-ever, in fact it's one of the safest towns in Eastern PA, but the people have made it unbearable, and management did hardly anything about it.

On top of dealing with all of that, they thought it'd be a good idea to raise our rent (which is already extremely high due to where we live) and they cut our storage unit in half! It's the little inconveniences that put us over the edge.

We have tried for the past 2 years to find a house that we could make our own, but the timing was never right, the house would sell before we'd see it, or like most times, it wasn't like the pictures. I don't know how many times I said on the blog that we were looking for a house or we were hoping to move by the spring, but gosh, the time has come.

Now our situation isn't our dream situation as we are not moving into our own home just yet, but we are moving where we are meant to be for a short season. Our very close friends (our second family really) have graciously opened their home to us to live with them for a few months while we house hunt, and there will never be enough thank you's we can give them. They hated seeing us get sucked back into a year-long lease and then find a home we loved shortly after a contract was signed.

This is going to give us the freedom we've needed to house hunt and really find a home we love. I'm not the type of girl to settle. A home is an investment, and it's a decision that should never be taken lightly. We have a vision for our home, and we can't wait to make it a reality. It's also going to allow us to save even more money for a down payment since our expenses will be cut tremendously.

Something that this whole situation has taught me is that it's okay to accept help from those that love you. It's God's way to putting an opportunity in your path so that you can use it as a stepping stone to get to where you ultimately want to be.

Newlyweds are never 100% excited to move in with other people, but because we have an end goal in mind, it has eased any worry or anxiety about the situation. I'm not going to lie, my heart was pounding when I put the letter in the mail to end the lease, but as I drove away, I felt a peace in my heart.

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We still have about three months left until we officially move, but I couldn't wait to tell you guys. For all of you that have been praying for us, thank you. Continue to pray that we are able to find a house to make a home, and for a seamless transition as we pack & move. Love you, friends.


  1. omg congrats girl and how exciting! were moving too and its such a great fresh start! so excited to share the journey with you!

  2. Congrats!! Moving is head (especially out of your first home as a married couple), and you will think back fondly on that home. Moving is going to be fresh and exciting! Excited to see what God brings!

  3. Congrats on your move! Enjoy your new adventure!

  4. Wohoo!! My husband and I have been praying about moving soon too -- we are in a tough situation though, he has a new job that is a bit over an hour away and we don't know if we will be moving cities entirely or what. It's been rough and stressful.

    You have sweet friends! I hope y'all find something soon!

  5. This is so exciting & such a wonderful option since you haven’t found the perfect place yet! Like you said, you’ll be able to save even more money and really focus on the house hunting instead of stressing over what to do next. It’s an exciting time in your life. Enjoy it!!

  6. Happy House Hunting! It is a fun and exciting experience. Don't be afraid to get a fixer-upper for the right price. That is what we did and we can't wait to start working on it soon.

  7. Girl, I totally understand the house buying struggle! It can be so hard to find the right house at the right time and not have it snatched up before you even get to see it! Just believe that it's worth the wait and that if it's meant to be, it will happen :) That's been my motto for house hunting! I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a home soon!

  8. I hope the house hunting process turns out to be easy for you now that you are out of your apartment!! I'm excited to see what you find!

    The Classic Brunette

  9. We were so over renting and constantly moving before we found our house! We moved in with my mom for what we thought was going to be a few months, but it turned into 2 years! lol but it was so worth it!! We found the best place that fit our budget!

  10. Although it may not be your ideal situation where you want to be living with friends, it was nice of them to do so AND you get to save money while you house hunt. I'd do the same thing.

  11. How great is this? You have some really great friends! I hope you find the home of your dreams and soon! But try to enjoy this season of your life--you'll never be exactly here ever again.

  12. Best of luck with your move!!

  13. omg that sounds awful (your neighbors) I would've called the cops lol I was that grouchy grandma in college always calling the cops on my neighbors for being too loud lol That's so sweet of your friend! good luck with house hunting!!

  14. Congrats on your move! We hope to buy a house around this time next year and yes, I know it'll be a bittersweet moment as well. Hubby and I have made so many memories here. All the best!

  15. Congrats on your move! With all that's happened in that apartment I can imagine it's bittersweet. It'll feel great when you find a house you absolutely love, though! Good luck in your house search!