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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Happy August!! I'm sharing the another one of my NYC outfits with you! This is the first one I posted on my Instagram during the trip. It was taken in Central Park on the most darling bridge. We were so tired of walking that once we actually got to Central Park, we couldn't bare to walk any further, so I was SO thankful that we came across this location so soon after we got to the park.

My friend, Melissa and I ended up walking over eight miles the first day we were in NYC, because we're that crazy. haha! I honestly don't know how we did it, because let me tell you, we were in heels! HOW did we survive?!

Looking back, walking all over the city on that first day was the best. We got to see more of the city, and it made arriving at Central Park that much sweeter. I simply cannot wait to head back in the fall!

Okay, enough rambling about NYC, because I could go on forever & ever! For today's post, I'm sharing my travel outfit that I wore into the city and my personal & blogging goals for August!

July Goals Recap //

Personal //

One // Establish a new monthly budget

Check, check, check!! I am SO proud of how far we've come. In our first month, we've paid off over $1,500 in credit card & student loan debt and we're not stopping there. Now that I have a new job (yay!!) we will be able to re-establish our budget to kick our student loans goodbye forever!

Two // Have 2 date nights a month with Chris

YES! We went to Qdoba and Olive Garden--two of our favorite places. Which, by the way, if you love Olive Garden, it's their buy one take one deal right now and it's amazing. It ended up being 6 meals for us EACH! Talk about a crazy deal!

Blogging //

One // Prepare for my NYC trip

NYC was the most amazing trip of my life. I had such a blast.
You can read all about my trip in my blog post: Inspiration Every Young Woman Needs To Hear.

Two // Put out tons of style content

I didn't get out as much as I had hoped for, but I was able to get out some of my favorite outfits--including the one in this post!

Three // Finalize an Instagram editing theme

Okay, will I ever finalize on a theme? I think I might like the one I have now, but in two weeks I'm sure it will change again. haha!

August Goals //

Personal //

One // Get adjusted to my new job!

In case you missed it in yesterday's post, How I'm Celebrating My Job Search, I got a job! I'll be working as a Co-Manager for a style brand and get this...I'll be helping run their social media! AH! This job could not be anymore perfect. I'm so, so excited to start on Monday!

Two // Schedule self-care time

Since my routine will be all out of whack, I'll definitely need to schedule in some self-care time. I won't be able to just take a nap or decompress at a local coffee shop when I need to. I'll have to be sure to schedule in these moments and take care of myself more. The good thing about having a full-time job again is that I'll be able to get my nails done for work! I think that will be my most prized self-care day.

Blogging //

One // Pre-write posts on off days

I'll be doing a lot of pre-writing now, but I'm up for the challenge. It just means that I'll need to be even more organized with my content preparation since I won't be able to plan a few weeks out, it'll be a month or more out.

Two // Continue to love what I do

I know that seems like a silly goal, but I know when I go through a huge life change like starting a new job on top of an already existing job, it's going to be important for me to stay inspired and continue to love blogging.

I hope you've had a lovely start to August! I hope it's your best month yet!

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