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Friday, August 3, 2018

I can't believe Chris and I have been in our new *home* for a little over a month now! Time has really flown by and our savings plan for our own home is in full swing. In case ya missed it, we aren't living in our own home just yet. I shared all about our move and where we're living in my Life Update post.

Long story short, we really needed to get out of the apartment we were living in, and when our lease was up, our amazing friends (who are really like family) opened up their home to us. It's actually amazing, because it's like one big happy family. It's the family that I lived with as a live-in nanny the first year or so Chris and I were dating, so this living dynamic is something that I've been used to.

I think one of my favorite parts about living in this home (besides the whole saving loads of $$$ part) is being so close with my "little sis". One of the things she said to me right before we moved in was, "Now that you're going to be living with us, we can have late night movies as a family again!" Let. Me. Tell. You. Did that get the tears flowing or what?! She is the sweetest kid on the planet. 

As you can probably tell, living where we do is such an amazing opportunity, and we couldn't pass it up while we are in the process of saving and finding our own dream home. Okay, enough chatting. You probably just came here to see the decor anyways! 😉 Drum roll, please! Our new bedroom!

I love how there are two "sides" to the room. My girly, bright & white side and Chris's masculine & rustic side. But somehow it all flows together. I'm so glad that we have the space to include everything we wanted to! Our room is about the same size as our old bedroom, but we just have one very large closet instead of two. I actually like it this way, because our old closets took up the entire wall, where as our closet now still allows us to put a dresser on the same wall.

Right under the window I have my vanity/desk that is usually covered in cat hair, because Lilly loves to sleep on the window sill to soak in the sun. All of our shelves double as a cute accent piece and function. Chris has his clothes and shoes stored on his wooden shelf, and I have jewelry, my wedding bouquet, handbags, extra makeup, and office supplies stored on my gold glass shelves. I was sneaky and stored everything in darling boxes to make it extra pretty and to keep the clutter hidden.

Since we literally went from a two bedroom, one bathroom, open concept apartment to one bedroom and a bathroom, we had to get creative about how we stored things we needed, but didn't necessarily want to be seen. A lot of extra clothes are hidden in containers under our bed, and I have extra office supplies in one of our bathroom's linen closets!

Where in the world is the rest of our stuff you might ask? In the basement! Praise the Lord we didn't need to rent a storage unit. We were able to store all of our extra furniture in the basement and some is stored around the house. Since our friends just moved into the house we are all living in, we ended up setting up our living room furniture in their front music room so that there would be a couch and storage space in there.

I can't wait to be able to show you our bathroom. You've gotten to see it a little in some of my recent beauty posts, but don't worry, I'll share it all super soon! I love our space we get to call our own, and I love that it finally feels like home.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my mini home tour!

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