Fall fashion has taken over my life lately, and I'm obsessing over all of the fall accessories that are coming to stores. Working back in the heart of fashion has allowed me to see the fall trends first hand. As we're welcoming fall and cooler temperatures into our lives, I thought it would only be suiting to share some of my must-have accessories for this fall.

From scarves & jewelry to bags, they all play a huge part in making an outfit feel complete. Every morning as I'm getting ready, I grab a necklace, earrings, and a handbag. I always have on my watch and a bracelet as well. There's just something about putting on accessories that elevates a look and makes me feel like I can take on the day.

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What are your favorite accessories for the fall?

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  1. So many great picks! I love anything leopard print in the fall. I don't know why because in the spring/summer, I'll never wear it lol. Also floppy hats.


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