Oct 10, 2018

If I didn't go to the pumpkin patch for a perfectly white pumpkin, would I even be a blogger? Now the real catch is, would I even be a blogger if I didn't bring my own Starbucks filled with a piping hot Chai Tea Latte? Probably not, because these are all things bloggers do...obviously. You know, things like dragging your husband to a farm 45 minutes away just to get a few shots in a cute outfit--or walking around the farm to look at the cute animals and then head back to buy the perfect pumpkin and take more pictures, because the first ones weren't good enough, and the screaming children from twenty minutes earlier were getting on your nerves. haha! I mean, it's all the things a blogger puts up with, so I mean, I guess you could say after this photoshoot, I'm a legit blogger, friends.

In all seriousness, heading to the farm was so much fun, and it was the perfect day date with Christopher on Saturday since I was off work! It's always the best when I'm off on a weekend day and we can spend it together--even though we were working and getting photoshoots done, we still make it fun!

For my outfit, I knew I wanted to be cozy and cute so that I could stay warm! It was actually pretty chilly on the day we went...right before it decided to be 80 degrees again the following day. Layering another long sleeve tee under your sweater makes for the perfect extra layer without making your outfit too bulky. Layering a tee underneath a sweater also helps out if you have super sensitive skin like I do. Sweaters will sometimes irritate my skin, so by throwing on a thin long sleeve tee, I can stay extra warm, add a perfect layer, and stay comfy all day long.

I always grab my striped long sleeve tee to layer underneath my sweater, because nothing says fall more than adding a layer of stripes. I actually had this outfit on the blog last year, but I wanted to bring it back this year, because it's such a staple outfit! For my outfit this year, I swapped out my flats for the newer version of leopard print Steve Madden flats I have and I added a fedora since I've been obsessing over it lately. Wearing a hat also keeps you extra warm without adding bulk to your outfit.

What are some fun things you're doing or hoping to do this season! I can't wait until the weather actually feels like fall. We're going to my hometown this weekend, and I'm praying for cooler weather and no rain! Is a pumpkin patch on your bucket list this fall?!

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