Happy December, everyone! I'm only a few days behind schedule with this post, but hey, I work two jobs--what do you expect. ;) Now that it's officially December, I expect everyone to be in the Christmas spirit, trees to be decorated, and everyone best be singing loud for all to hear! I think I've had Christmas music on for about a month, but it's definitely in full swing now. I mean, I hear it for eight + hours at work, and then some days I turn it on when I get home. I just love this time of year.

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Style //

Okay now that we've acknowledged that this month is all about the Holiday's, it's time to break out the red pants (50% off!!) and head to some festivities. My floral blouse is also 50% off!! I say this like I'll actually have time to head to a Christmas party this year...haha...I don't think I have a free day in all of December, BUT, I can give y'all some inspiration so that YOU can enjoy this holiday season in style!

I've also been obsessing over cozy sweaters & ponchos. If it's a mock neck, turtleneck, or cowl neck, you can count me 100% in! They're so much more cozy, and keep ya warm in the winter. I'm pretty sure that this sweater is next on my wish list.

I have tons of style content planned that my husband and I will be shooting on Sunday, so get ready for it! Pray for good weather, because that's why I haven't had any style posts lately. It's been so rainy--and only on my days off. In the shoot, I'll be sharing an outfit to go with this skirt and a darling sweater dress!

Beauty //

I've been obsessing over a few things beauty-wise in the past month. #1--Everyone needs a true red lipstick during the holidays. A month or so ago, Pixi Beauty sent me their full collection of their matte-last liquid lips, and I chatted about them in this post. Well, my all-time favorite one is called Real Red and it's truly the most perfect red in the world. I've worn it a few times to work, and it lasted through eating!!

I've also been still loving my Olay Clay Stick Masks. My skin has been brighter, smoother, and clearer! I just did the glow mask all over my face, because I had been feeling a little dull and suuuper dry, and bam! I felt hydrated and I'm pretty sure I was glowing like crazy for when I went to bed. haha!

Last thing for beauty--dip nails. I know I've talked about them before, but honestly, you can't go wrong with dip powder nails! My only advice is make sure the salon knows what they are doing--they should be using professional products when applying the dip powder and taking their time. It takes about 1.5 hours to get my nails done, but it lasts me perfectly for about three weeks!

Goals //


This month I want to enjoy time with family and friends. We will be heading to Maryland to see my family, and then to South Carolina to visit with Chris's uncle! It's definitely going to be hard for me to enjoy as much time as I'd like to since I'm working 80 hour weeks lately, but it's all going to be worth it when Chris and I are in a new home sometime next year. We're still kicking booty on paying off over $50K of debt in one year, because we'll hit just over $25K in the first six months (at the end of December)--that doesn't even account for a lot of my year-end blog payments I'll get in 2019. I just know that the second half of this will be even more aggressive, because Chris and I are both making more money (PTL!), and we will have more money to throw at this debt to get rid of it once & for all.


Oh my heavens! My blog goal for this month is to just get it all done--somehow. I am so grateful for all of the campaigns and partnerships I have coming up, and they will all definitely take a good portion of my time when I'm home from my management job. Chris and I have photoshoot days blocked out for the majority of the month, and then there are some days that I'm attempting to shoot on a tripod with self-timer until I get my photographer locked in during 2019.

This month is busy season for my management job--hello retail--and for blogging. I honestly don't know how I keep it all straight, but all I know is that I have to stay extremely organized and stay on schedule. Right after I finish this post, I'm headed to take photos with the self-timer---wish me luck!

Be on the look-out for those style posts and more headed your way this holiday season! Be sure to follow along on Instagram so that you can see more in-the-moment posts + stories!

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