We officially have less than one month until we move into our new home, and it almost doesn't feel real! I know as soon as we move into our home, it's going to be the weirdest feeling, because it's going to be all ours! Since we've been living with our friends for the past year+ while our house has been built, we haven't been using our kitchen items, dining table, or really anything that's ours except for what's in our bedroom & bathroom.

I keep joking with Chris that when we move, it's going to be like Christmas--unpacking all of the things that we forgot we ever had. Everything has been packed away since we moved in June 2018, I think the room I'm most excited to unpack is the kitchen--mainly because I love food, entertaining, and did I mention food?! haha!

Our kitchen is going to be the heart of our home, and it's the same for most of you. I wanted to compile a list of products that I personally love, plus a few that are also on my wishlist! 

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Keurig K-Cafe //

I have never been so excited to own a coffee maker in my entire life. We just ordered this and it's a coffee, latte, and cappuccino maker in one! It's going to be the perfect addition to our new kitchen.

KitchenAid Food Processor //

My Mom got this for me as a bridal shower gift, but let's face it, Chris uses it more than I do. We love having a food processor to make delish recipes.

KitchenAid 14-Piece Knife Set //

This is hands down our favorite knife set of all-time. We have had ours for a little over two years, and we love it so much we bought it as a house warming present for our friends! They work amazingly, are super high-quality, and they look gorgeous sitting on your countertop.

KitchenAid Can Opener //

We have this can opener and it works so well! Growing up, I always had an electric can opener, but a few years ago, picked this one up, and love it!

KitchenAid Ultra Hand Mixer //

If a standing mixer isn't in your budget, this is the best one out there! I have made endless cakes with this mixer (including our wedding cake!), and it has held up extremely well.

We just ordered these counter stools for our new home. We have an island with an overhang, and we can't wait to set them up! We peeked in the box when they arrived last week, and they are gorgeous!

Clair Indoor Area Rug //

We are using this rug in our dining room and the quality is amazing! It has such a pretty pattern perfect for a modern farmhouse or mid-century modern home. 

I love, love this dinnerware set! It has more of a matte finish, which I found very unique. If you decide to order these, know that they are way bigger than you think they will be! Think oversized coffee mugs and bowls kind of like what you'd see at Panera! Personally, I love that they're oversized!

Natural Area Rug //

We ordered this rug in two sizes. We have a 3X5 for our entryway on our lower level, and I will be ordering a runner size for our kitchen. I want to wait to order this one to see the exact measurements in our home so it's not too small or too big.

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Dining Chandelier //

Is this not the most gorgeous chandelier you've ever seen?! We are totally going for a modern farmhouse feel and will be eventually replacing every light fixture in our home. Our home came with an updated lighting package, but we're not a huge fan of the light fixtures, so we, of course, turned to Wayfair, and they have a huge selection of lighting. This chandelier is first on the list to order later this week!

Pendant Light //

Our kitchen came with five recessed lights, three around the perimeter, and two above the island. I wasn't a fan of having recessed lights over the island, so our electrician wired it for two pendant lights. We will be adding these above our island and we can't wait to see how they look in our all-white kitchen.

KitchenAid Chopper & Slicer //

I am an onion-chopping crier. I loathe chopping onions, so I have been wanting a chopper for years! I think it's time we pick one of these up!

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups //

Every new kitchen needs a matching set of measuring cups. Between moving and staying on a budget, our daily measuring cups are all mismatched. One is in Lilly's food bowl and the rest are scattered in packed boxes. It's definitely time for an upgrade!

KitchenAid Mixer //

This mixer is #goals. This particular model is a limited edition light blue color, and it is stunning! If we ever have a little extra money in the budget, this will be my next splurge!

KitchenAid Ceramic Bowl //

This bowl is so beautiful! It goes perfectly with the mixer, but I think I might order it soon to have as a fancy mixing bowl. I am obsessed with everything about it!
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There ya have it--These are all items that I have purchased or plan to purchase in the next couple of months! We can't wait to get into our home next month (we hope!), and Wayfair has been our go-to for just about everything we've needed to make our house a home.

Stay tuned for a post next week. I've partnered with Wayfair to show you the Keurig K-Cafe and Dinnerware in person! I can't wait!

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