Jul 19, 2021

Besides an endless amount of diapers, wipes, and clothing, your sweet little one will go through all sorts of toys. Toys are the bridge to your sanity and the only way that you'll manage a shower or even a quick solo trip to the bathroom. It may sound crazy to invest in toys for your baby when they will simply outgrow them in a few months, but trust me, you'll need your sanity, so get the toys.

We ended up asking for a lot of these toys on our registry and we also had a few friends gift us some that they used for their kiddos. When we're done having kiddos, we will pay it forward and donate these to a friend or family in need!

Pictured above: Lulyboo Lounge-To-Go

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Let's dive into my top 15 baby toy favorites for newborns to six months old:

Large Non-Slip Play Mat

If you're looking for a large, non-slip, and waterproof play mat, this mat is for you! It's double-sided and is easy to fold up and store or you can leave it out for your baby to play on. I love that it's padded so that as Bentley is learning to crawl, roll around, and sit up if he falls, the playmat breaks the fall. It also muffles the sound of him playing if he bangs his feet on the floor in excitement.

Activity Center

Bentley love, loves this activity center. It's a little over $100, but it provides hours of entertainment per day. It's adjustable depending on how tall your baby is, too, which means it can grow with them. Bentley was able to start using this around five and a half months as his feet were finally able to hit flat at the platform. This particular activity center has different textures and toys attached, and once Bentley got the hang of it, he started jumping up and down in it, spinning around in it, and found his cute little voice. It's the perfect activity center to put him in if we need him to be in one spot, get some chores done, or tire him out. haha!

High Contrast Books

High Contrast books are so great for babies. They love to see them, but these have textures, and a crinkly sound, so it hits several senses that babies are learning and experiencing. Even beyond six months, these have come in handy, and Bentley still loves them.


A bumbo is so great for babies that have started to sit up assisted or are learning to sit up. Putting Bentley in his Bumbo for a little bit throughout the day has helped him learn to sit up and strengthen some of his core muscles. I started putting him in the Bumbo a few weeks before he started solids at around four months, and I'm so glad that I did. He transitioned into the high chair very well and he's never had an issue with sitting up assisted.

Stroller Toys

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover

Wiggle & Crawl Ball

Kick & Play Piano Activity Gym

Stacking Cups

Babies love stacking cups...or anything that they can do time and time again. Stack, crash, repeat. The stacking cups that we have and are linked are muted tones because let's be honest, all of the obnoxiously bright baby toys get a little overwhelming and start to make your home look like a toy store...opt for muted tones. You can thank me later. haha!

Touch & Feel Board Book

Stock up on books that have visually appealing pictures, adorable stories, and have touch & feel components. Bentley loves to touch and feel his books, so I think he pretty much expects something to touch on every page. Having all of the textures helps him learn and stay interested in the book longer.

Teething Mitt

Little man has been teething for months. I mean full-on drooling and soaking onesies, lack of sleep when he's in pain, and now on the flip side, dropping, chomping down on everything and taking extra naps now that he's growing again. This teething mitt has been a lifesaver. Babies have such a habit of throwing things or maybe not holding something all that freat, but that's where the teething mitt comes in. It adjusts and velcros so that your little one can chomp on it and not drop it on the floor every two seconds.

Rattle & Teething Ring

Once your little one gets a little better at holding onto things without dropping them constantly, teething rings have become a staple in our household. We have one on every floor and be sure to have one in his diaper bag when we travel somewhere. Our little dude loves the soothing feeling a teether provides.

Bath Seat

A bath seat isn't really a toy, but it provides a good twenty minutes of fun before bedtime. This particular bath seat can be used from five months to ten months. We started using it a little closer to six months, but I wish we had started using it sooner. We were using a tiny newborn tub, but Bentley's feet started to hang off the edge and he became too mobile, so we knew it was time to upgrade and get this one for him to use.

Bath Toys

Bentley loves bath time and he started to splash in the water and play with some bath toys that Grandmom & Pop brought for him. We originally started using plastic stroller toys until we go true bath toys, and he loves those just the same! So, throw any waterproof toy in the tub and have fun with your little one!

Outdoor Baby Swing

Okay, clearly Bentley loves his outdoor swing. If you get this for your little one, make sure they can support themselves sitting up. This swing does have a strap with a buckle, but they can still flip forward if they don't have the strength to hold themselves up well.

We got this for Bentley at five and a half months and it'll last him until he's two! It's the perfect little swing to put him in while I work in my garden or hang out on the patio with him on my own bench swing. My neighbors loved it so much, they got one for their son, too!

There ya have it! My top 15 favorite baby toys that Bentley used from newborn to 6 months old, and some will be able to continue to use until he grows out of them!

What are some of your kiddo's favorite toys?!

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