Feb 2, 2022

 For the past few months, I've switched a couple of things up in my beauty routine. The most dramatic being my hair care routine. I also started using a new eyeshadow palette and mascara. I've been forever obsessing over the Dashing Diva Nail Strips, and most recently, I just started using a new lip balm from Billie. Keep reading to see what I love the most about these products and why!

I know many have been saying this recently, but I truly wish I had started using Olaplex sooner. My hair feels so much healthier, and I truly only have to wash my hair 1-2 times a week and it still feels amazing throughout the week. My hair looks shinier, it feels softer, and it just looks better overall.

I have really long hair (and I'm in desperate need of a haircut!), so I take my hair products very seriously. I started out using a trial-sized kit of the Olaplex collection, and as soon as I finished that, you know I bought the full-sized set.

Just like with any shampoo, you'll want to use the conditioner to help your hair stay as healthy as it can be. One thing I will say that applies to both the shampoo and the conditioner is that you don't need a lot at all. When I say you need the smallest amount of shampoo and conditioner, I mean it. Start out with the philosophy of "less is more" and know that you can always go back and get a little more if you need it. I find that since a little goes a long way, the price tag really doesn't bother me at all considering how long the bottles last!

Remember how I said, "less is more"? Well, the same thing applies to the Bonding Oil. For all of my hair, I use two shakes worth from the super tiny oil dispenser. It's a weightless styling oil and it helps to control any flyaways, static, and helps to increase the softness and shine of my hair. Another thing that I love about it is that it provides UV/heat protection of up to 450℉.

When it comes to my nails, I need low-maintenance and easy. At work, I will destroy my nails in a matter of days. My polish will chip off (yes, even gel!), I'll end up breaking a few, and then I'm back where I started. A couple of years ago my coworker and I discovered the Dashing Diva Nail Strips and we've been obsessed ever since. They truly do stay on your nails for weeks and they're super easy to apply.

I actually wrote a post about them a couple of years ago in case you're interested in a full review and application help!

I love, love this shadow palette. It has the perfect colors for everyday makeup and it's a palette that I can work with year-round. The formula is super easy to blend and lasts all day for me. The one thing that I wish was that the lid color was just ever-so-slightly more pigmented, but I think I'm still stuck in the "the eyelid color has to sparkle to heaven to be a good color" phase. haha!

With this palette, if I'm going to do a bolder/night look, I'll add a slightly darker brown in my outer corner, and the look is perfect. In fact, this palette would be the perfect one to use on Valentine's Day since it's a mix of gorgeous browns and pinks!

I have used the same mascara for years--normally Too Faced BTS. But ever since I had Bentley, my eyelids are oily and my mascara would literally rub off onto my eyelids and I would look all sorts of crazy at work. I went to visit my friend who works at Nordstrom as a beauty manager, and she helped me find a mascara that will still give me gorgeous lashes but won't leave black lash lines on my lids.

I won't lie, this mascara definitely doesn't give you the volume like BTS does, but I'd rather not have the mascara all over my face. haha! It does help with volume, and I love that the bristles on the wand helps to separate my lashes. Since it's a gel formula, it still leaves my lashes feeling soft and the mascara does not clump or flake throughout the day.

This lip balm is packed with all the goodness you need in a lip balm--especially in the winter. It has shea butter which helps with moisturizing your lips, avocado oil, omega 3 fatty acids, and vegan candelilla wax. It feels so silky smooth on your lips and best of all, it doesn't feel sticky when you apply it! I wear it every day under my mask at work, and it helps to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day.

Have you tried and loved any of these products already?!

Which are you most excited to try first?!

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