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Maternity Support Band

Okay, this was by far the top-selling item in July. Over thirty of you purchased this maternity support band and loved it! It's currently on sale, but check in-stock stores near you for availability as it looks like it's currently sold out online. When I was very early postpartum, I wore this support band to feel human again. It helped keep all the mush in one place and helped my tummy look smoother under clothes.

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Since Bentley was born right before Christmas, it helped me feel comfortable in my new body during Christmastime and in his newborn photos. It's seamless and it doesn't move while you're wearing it!

Magnolia Kitchen Cooking Set 

Over 20 of you grabbed this kitchen cooking set from Magnolia! It's so, so cute and it's really durable, because it's wooden, which you know with kiddos, that's a must. Bentley loves it, and it's the perfect addition to the Magnolia Toy Kitchen, which leads me to y'all's next favorite!

Magnolia Toy Kitchen

About seven of you grabbed this Toy Kitchen set after I posted about it during our Jonesy Playroom Reveal. I am honestly obsessed, and it really helped pull the room together. Whether you have a little girl or boy, they will love it! Kiddos love to play and even at 18 months old when we got it, Bentley learned to pretend and use his imagination to cook food. I mean, the little dude even put a pretend burger on a plate and brought it to me--how cute! Let their imaginations run wild and don't wait on getting this toy kitchen!

Seamless Nursing Bra

lived in this bra during my pregnancy and postpartum. Regular bras are the worst when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum--whether nursing is part of your journey or not. Originally, I had purchased it in hopes of nursing, but that journey did not go to plan. You can read about it here.

Instead of switching back to regular bras right away, I stayed in this seamless nursing bra for several months postpartum, because if you've given birth, you know things are not the same, and that they were not. haha! It's a great price, and it is very, very comfortable.


This is the grout I've featured in every tiling project throughout our home. We've loved it, and the color Warm Gray is my personal favorite. You can see it in our home here. It's extremely easy to mix and it allows you a good hour or so to grout your tile before seizing up!

I love going through each month to see what you all have loved from what I post.

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