My secret to longer-looking, natural lashes revealed.
It's the Borboleta Beauty Lash Serum.

I have been using the Borboleta Lash Serum for a little over a year now, and I have seen such an amazing difference in my natural lashes. I first wrote about my lash experience here and thought I'd let you know I'm still love, loving it!

A quick recap of my original blog post in case you didn't go read it first: I first started using the Lash Serum because I was so upset about my natural lashing being ruined by lash extensions. I felt like my natural lashes disappeared and were non-existent after the lash extensions fell out. Your natural lashes naturally shed off the lash extensions, which is normal and healthy, but I felt like the lash extensions took off more natural lashes than just the one it was attached to. It didn't matter how many coats of mascara I put on, I felt like my eyes always looked naked and I lost my confidence.

That's when I partnered with Borboleta Beauty to try out their Lash Serum and lash care essentials. I immediately fell in love and saw results that you could actually see in 4-6 weeks! My top two favorites by Borboleta Beauty are, of course, the Lash Serum and Breakdown, their oil-free Makeup Remover.

The Lash Serum has good-for-you ingredients to keep your natural lashes stronger, healthier, and voluminous. My lashes appear longer & fuller, and I’m obsessed with my natural lashes. No need for falsies here! Breakdown uses coconut oil to help gently break down makeup and is super nourishing for your lashes, too!

Have you ever tried Borboleta Beauty before?!

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