Dec 2, 2022

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Our family room has been one of my favorite DIY projects in our home. We're almost finished--there are still a few more projects we have to complete, but did you see the floors?!?! I'm seriously so obsessed. It was the most tedious, time-consuming project, and it was all the prep work that made it take almost two weeks, but gosh, it was worth it. More to come on that--don't worry, I'll give you a full DIY recap in the new year with tips and tricks I learned along the way.

The last project for this space is a wall of built-ins with a custom bench (which we just started!!), and I can't wait to show you the whole space, but for now, you get to see most of it with a little touch of Christmas.

I wanted to make this space as cozy as possible, and we still have a few changes we want to make decor-wise, but something that is definitely staying in our family room is the gorgeous electric fireplace. It was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased when we moved into our home a few years ago, and I love that it looks beautiful, but it also serves a purpose and helps heat up the space. We love the dark wood and the modern look it has, too. Eventually, the family room will have a sofa bed for guests, so we wanted to make sure it was cozy for guests, too. In smaller spaces, dual functionality is key.

The family room is called the Jonesy. It started as my husband's man cave, but once you have a kid, you know what that turns into...a playroom, but not just any playroom in this house. haha! It had to be beautiful, too. We kept it moody, which I love.

When decorating this space for Christmas, I had to keep it really simple--otherwise, it would end up all over the floor. #toddlermomprobs -- I love the simplicity though. Sometimes I feel like less is more, and with the electric fireplace, a simple garland, bells, and velvet ribbon, it feels so classy as you sit and watch a movie with the fireplace on.

As my son's laughter fills the room as he runs around his play table and plays with his toys, it will forever be a core memory, and then you add in the Christmas decor--it's perfection. I love that he has a beautiful space to call his own, and it will see a lot of future family moments, too.

To cozy up the couch, I added a few gorgeous pillows/new pillow covers, and blankets.

Stay tuned for one more holiday decor post coming soon. I'll be sharing our guest room all cozy for the holidays, and it got a mini facelift before the new floors get installed!

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How do you decorate and cozy up a space during the holidays?!

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