The guest bedroom has officially been transformed into a toddler boy’s construction-loving dream. He’s been so excited to sleep in his new room and I can’t believe he’s in a big boy bed already. This room has come a long way since we first started designing it into a guest bedroom over four years ago.

At first, we had considered completely redoing his space with all new furniture but decided, in the end, to keep what we had and simply switch up the bedding and upgrade the closet to make it more functional. Sometimes it's all about simple changes like bedding that make the biggest impact anyway!

The only thing with the full-size bed that made me nervous was Bentley moving to a big bed from a crib-sized toddler bed. I ended up finding bed bumpers that have worked amazing and I love that they fit right under the sheets.

We upgraded the closet from a basic builder-grade wire shelf to a PAX closet system from IKEA and it more than doubled our hanging and storage space by having it go all the way to the ceiling inside the closet as well. The only thing that I'm not a huge fan of in the closet is the step up due to our stairs being below the closet, but that's a structural change I can't do anything about.

Besides the darling new bedding, I love his bookshelf wall. There was originally a floor-length mirror behind the door, but a toddler and a huge mirror aren't exactly the best combination and I saw a disaster waiting to happen. I found the acrylic shelves on Amazon and they are perfect to display his books and I love that they're easy access for him at night or in the morning when he spends a little quiet time in his room before bed and when waking up. I may have gotten obsessed with switching out the books for the seasons, too. Any excuse to get the cutest books, right?! haha!

The best part about this room transition has been Bentley going "Mama do you like my new room?!" and of course I do, so I ask him "Do you love your new room, too?!" and the smile beaming from ear to ear says it all.

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I hope this space inspires you as you're decorating your home on a budget for your little one.
Happy decorating!

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