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This bathroom used to be our guest bathroom in the hall, and don't get me wrong, guests can still totally use this bathroom, but when you have kids, everything that was for guests is now for them. Our guest bathroom became Bentley's, our guest bedroom became Bentley's...heck, even Chris's "man cave" turned into Bentley's playroom. haha!

One thing that I knew I wanted when it came to our kiddo's spaces in our home was that they'd be styled, but still bright and playful. I'm all for aesthetic beige in our primary living spaces and our bedroom, but I want their spaces to be fun because childhood should be bright and playful.

When it came to a refresh in Bentley's bathroom, there were a few things I wanted to refresh from a couple of years ago when we switched it from our Guest Bathroom to his Toddler Bathroom. First was the rug. His original rug has gotten so dirty from it being mostly white, so I got a pretty blue bath mat that matches the shower curtain. I also got new, fluffy bath towels. The towels we had in there were so worn and needed to be replaced. They were older than our house. haha!

Lastly, and my favorite refresh--the artwork! I am completely obsessed with the darling Happy Whale Poster from Poster Store! I shared about a couple of other prints from Poster Store in our Cozy Neutrals Bedroom Refresh and I can't tell you enough how much I have loved these prints, their affordability, and their quality.

I'm already eyeing up a few other prints to order for our entryway, and I have one more print to share with you that's in our dining room. With the variety of options Poster Store has, you're bound to find one (or several!) that you'll love in your home.

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Happy Whale Poster

Do your kiddos have a playful & bright bathroom?

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