The best part about minimalizing and organizing your home is reevaluating certain areas and redoing them to better fit your life. I absolutely loved my original Junk Drawer Transformation but found that I needed to make a few changes over the past couple of months.

The biggest change I felt I needed to change was our cord storage. I had them in a smaller container at the back of the drawer, which initially, was working for us, but then as we added more cords, they ended up in a tangled mess and would jam the drawer.

I found a stackable cord organizer that perfectly blends into our home's aesthetic and conveniently holds our excess cords. I kept some cords in the drawer for quick access, but the smaller cords and random charging cables for toys were all organized in the stackable cord organizer.

Making this simple change completely changed the function in the best way possible, and now, it's even more organized than ever! I also upgraded a couple of items--I got a new rechargeable lighter and a retractable measuring tape (you know for those random "I need to see if this will fit" moments).

When organizing your home, don't be afraid to go back to spaces to reorganize and make them function even better for you and your family!

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