Once I had my potting station in order, I knew I needed to tackle the garage drawers and cabinets. I decluttered them and slowly organized the random contents in organized bins while I was building my potting station. It was a good use of my time while I waited for the paint to dry!

I had manuals, random leftover supplies, papers, and trash in this much that it truly lived up to the name junk drawer.

As I was deciding what purposeful items I wanted to keep in the garage drawers, I narrowed it down to one as a garage junk drawer and the other for organizing smaller tools and accessories, nails, and screws.

The junk drawer turned out amazingly! I used a mix of old kitchen drawer organizers and leftover acrylic organizers to create an organized and functional catch-all area for the random things you need or keep in the garage.

I have things like packing tape and command hooks to the far left in a utensil organizer. In the center, this is where I put the leftover acrylic containers. I used this for pens, pencils, box cutters, cord straps, extra hooks for my potting station, and accessories & chargers for my Elgin Flashlight.

To the far right, a small utensil organizer fits perfectly in the drawer. It was quite an exciting moment for me when I realized that my leftover organizers were going to fit so well. haha!

This is where I keep my Elgin Maverick Flashlights and my Elgin Rumble Headphones. These flashlights are amazing! The Elgin Maverick rechargeable flashlight is a must-have and has become our favorite around the house. I have one in my catch-all/junk drawer in my kitchen, too!

The Elgin Maverick has five power modes to customize the brightness you need in your home or workspace. It has a rechargeable battery with a magnetic charging station and comes with a zippered pouch.

Later this summer/early fall, I have some really loud DIY projects coming up. I will be so happy to have the Elgin Rumble Headphones. They have a 27 dB noise reduction rating and allow you to listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while you work! No more sacrificing my sanity to wear earplugs while I work and missing out on music—now, I get to experience both.

If you have drawers in your garage, take some time to tackle them this summer. You'll be glad you did.

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