When the spice drawer becomes both beautiful and functional, it's a major win. Chris is all about function in the kitchen, and since I don't cook, I'm all about how it looks. I was determined to have both when it came to organizing the drawers, and this one might be my favorite drawer in the kitchen...dare I say I like it better than the catch-all drawer?! 

Highlighting a few of my favorite essentials to organize in the spice drawer--the glass jars are so beautiful. I was able to customize what I needed and it made all of the jars uniform so they fit in the drawer perfectly.

I used my favorite drawer organizers for miscellaneous spices and seasoning cubes. My favorite potting holders also fit in the drawer so we can easily access them when pulling things out of the oven.

When baking cakes, I'll use the black hooks to hang them on the side of the fridge so I don't have to open the drawer.

I love, love how this drawer turned out. Stay tuned for the next organization project!

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