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We celebrated our sweet girl Lilly's 2nd birthday last month and we had a blast spoiling her. Since she's adopted from a rescue shelter, we're not exactly sure her legit birthday, so we gave her a week long celebration. I'm talkin' toys, her own birthday cupcake (made out of kitty food, of course!), and all the snuggles a kitty could ever want.

Since you all know she's the most spoiled & loved cat in the world, we thought we'd head to PetSmart before her party to pick up some essentials. Honestly, it's a dangerous thing to let me loose in PetSmart, because I just want to buy her everything. We were eying up some new cat trees and I had to pull myself away so I wouldn't walk home with one. In my defense, she's getting a little too big for the one we got her when she was a kitten, so it's a purchase that needs to be made soon. Maybe it'll be her moving present! haha!

When we're at PetSmart, we always come across the most helpful & sweet employees + the best deals on all of the products Lilly uses. Ever since she was a kitten, even at the rescue shelter, she used all-things Purina®. So of course, that's what she's been using her whole life!

At PetSmart, everything is conveniently located in neighboring aisles, so we grabbed her some dry food & her litter on top of some toys. She's been using Purina® Tidy Cats Free and Clean Unscented Litter for the past few months since it came out in January & she's been loving it. It has activated charcoal to absorb all of those nasty odors and it's also fragrance free and dye free. I also love that it doesn't create a lot of dust or get tracked throughout the apartment.

Click the image above to shop!

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Here's some of the goodies that Purina sent to Lilly & I. She's been loving her mice & the laser pointer, for sure!

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One // Grab their favorite food

Lilly loves her Purina® wet foods, but we decided to try a new dry food: Purina® Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice. Lilly loves chicken and this blend has chicken as its number one ingredient with zero percent fillers. Let me tell ya, as soon as we opened the bag, she was meowing like crazy for us to put some in her bowl and of course, she gobbled it right up.

One thing that I really love about Purina® Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice is that it has Omega-6, which helps give your kitty a radiant & healthy coat and the crunchy kibble helps reduce plaque build-up and whiten their teeth. Finding a food that your kitty loves and is good for them is a win-win in my book. Purina® ONE provides purposeful nutrition for your kitty so they can live their best life. What more could you want for your furry friend?

Two // Spoil them with treats

Treats are a no-brainer for their birthday! Lilly knows the sound of the treat drawer, and I'm sure she's always extra excited when we give her treats just because & not because we had to clip her claws or give her a brushing haha! So, grab a bag of treats and give them a little handful*. They'll love you fur-ever!

*Always pay attention to serving sizes!

Three // Throw a Paw-ty!

We had a mini party with Lilly complete with a birthday cupcake! I searched all over Pinterest for how to make a cupcake, but they were all made with foods we try not to give her. So, Chris and I made our own version using her wet food & her dry food!

We put a layer of her wet food on the bottom & topped it off with a serving of Purina® Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice. We're a little extra and got a candle--I mean, it was her birthday after all, but no, we didn't light it. We're not that crazy & ya gotta be safe, friends. Anyways, she absolutely loved her birthday cupcake. It will definitely be a yearly tradition.

Four // Give them a new toy with catnip

What's a cat's birthday without a little catnip? Lilly has several toys with catnip in them already, but after a while, the smell fades and it just becomes an ordinary toy. Don't get me wrong, she loves them, but having a new toy is so exciting for her. She'll carry it into bed with her or into whatever room she's in. It's the cutest thing. This year, we grabbed a few toys at PetSmart that were on sale like the coffee one. She loved it and it's currently hidden somewhere in the apartment. Does anyone else's cat hide their toys?! She hides them under rugs and then finds them later. She's like a dog burring her bone.

Five // Endless Snuggles

I know that all cats aren't the snuggle type, but if they are, snuggle them up in their favorite blanket and let them lay on your lap. Lilly is a snuggle bug and she's been like that ever since she was a kitten, so she takes advantage of any opportunity when your lap is free--and even when it's not. She thinks she owns our laps or something. If your kitty isn't fond on snuggles, give them a good brushing. Any extra attention lets them know just how much they are loved.

There are so many things we can do for our cat on their birthday, but let's make sure we're doing these things for them all the time. If you missed one of my last posts about Lilly, I talked about how she's truly changed my life for the better. She's helped reduce stress & improve my mental health, and it's the little things that we do for our pets that let them know we care fur-ever.

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday!? Have your kitties tried any of these products? Be sure to submit your receipts from PetSmart to redeem your $5 gift cards!


  1. Love your ideas and thanks for sharing your post. My friend have cat so I share it with my friends. Thanks ��

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post!! Share away!! :)

  2. Love the kitty cat cupcake of food! Cute and healthy for the cat :)

    The 'Paws of Fate' is also one of the cutest little kitty cat gifts ever!

    1. Isn't it so stinkin' cute?! I couldn't get over how adorable it all was!

  3. Love these ideas! So cute!

  4. Aww this is so cute. Great ideas.
    Thx for sharing.

    Best Priscilla

  5. omg how cute are you!! I love this!! Awesome ideas. As a fellow kitty lover, I am pinning this for later! <3

    Kendra B.

    1. Aw yay!! Def spoil your kitty with this on their birthday!! <3

  6. Haha this is too cute!! I definitely plan on doing all of these things with my kitty for his birthday! I just love spoiling my fur baby <3

    1. Aw yay!! Definitely do it!! Lilly had a blast!

  7. UGH SO CUTE. My kitten just turned one and I feel ALL THE FEELS.

    1. Aw!!! YAS! I'm looking back at these pics and I just want to snuggle her so much!! It's crazy how fast they grow up haha!

  8. How cute is this birthday "party". I need to do something like this for my dog.

  9. AW yes!! You totally have to!


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