Thursday, June 29, 2023

When it comes to a registry for baby #2, the items are definitely fewer, but this time, I feel like I've focused on the must-haves that are amazing for baby, but also make my life easier during the newborn stage, too! Today, I'm sharing what's on my baby registry the second time around.

If this is your first baby, be sure to check out my blog post: Newborn Essentials I Could Not Live Without. It shares everything that I truly loved during the newborn and infant stages with Bentley, plus, you'll get to see baby Bentley photos, too! 😍

Philips Avent Soothie & Philips Avent Soothie--Blue 3M+

These Soothie pacifiers are by far my favorite to use for baby. Bentley actually started off with the Premie version in the hospital because he was so tiny, and then graduated to the 0-3M and eventually the 3M+. They were his all-time favorite, and we will be using them again with baby boy #2!

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops

If there's one thing you should have in your baby's medicine cabinet alongside of Infant Tylenol, it's these Gas Relief Drops. They were a huge game-changer when it came to feeding. Bentley had the worst reflux when he was an infant. We would have to hold him up for 30+ minutes after feeding so he wouldn't spit up. Once we started giving him Gas Drops before feeding, we were able to lay him down sooner without spitting up!

Dapple Bottle & Dish Soap

This is the only soap we use on bottles with Bentley, and will definitely be using it again. It helps get the pesky milk film cleaned from the bottles. You can use it for sippy cups, pacifiers, and bowls, too!

Wipeable Changing Pad Cover

A wipeable changing pad cover is essential. There is no way you will want to wash a regular changing pad cover each and every day because newsflash--you'd have to if you used one. The inevitable spit-up, poop explosion, or pee streams are bound to happen. The wipeable changing pads are so easy to clean off with a wipe, and of course, you can still wash them when needed.

Diaper Genie

I love our Diaper Genies--in fact, we're still using them since Bentley is at the tail end of diapers. (Fingers crossed, this summer, he will be completely potty trained before his baby brother is here this fall!) We're getting a new one for our room while baby boy is in our room for the first several months.

Diaper Pail Refills

The Target brand is what we've always gotten, and have never noticed a difference in the quality! I keep an eye out for sales, and stock up!

Huggies Natural Care Wipes

You'll never not need wipes. Stock up when you see sales. Target usually has a gift card deal for wipes and diapers, so be sure to check that out and take advantage of Target Circle deals, too.

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

These diapers were the only ones that we could use with Bentley, so we're expecting them to be similar with baby boy #2! We've been using Huggies since pretty much day 1. I think it's actually what we had in the hospital as well, so truly day 1.

Always Discreet Disposable Underwear

While we're on the subject of diapers, let's discuss diapers for you. You're going to want to invest in some great disposable underwear because real underwear is beyond uncomfortable. I loved using the Always Discreet Underwear for the early postpartum days, and then as the bleeding started to become slightly less after about a week, I switched to Frida Mom Disposable Underwear, and they became my fancy postpartum undies.

Always Discreet Postpartum Pads

Postpartum pads are obviously a must-have, and you should have a pretty good stash after the hospital, but I found using the Always Discreet Postpartum Pads really helped when I didn't need the huge, thick pads the hospital gave me. I would use these in my disposable underwear so that I would get a slightly longer wear-time out of the underwear.

Frida Mom Healing Foam

This might have been my favorite postpartum essential. is a must-have, in fact, purchase an extra bottle or two. No joke--I went through 4 of them in the first four weeks postpartum. This foam is magical and promotes healing, helps with swelling from vag to tush, and gives you slight comfort down there. You won't regret buying extra--I promise you'll be using it during every bathroom trip.

Check out my blog post: 20 Items You Need In Your Postpartum Recovery Kit for more postpartum must-haves.

Boppy Original Cover

We loved using the Boppy Support Pillow with Bentley--from feeding assistance and practicing tummy time to when he would lay down on it and hold his own bottle, it was a go-to essential. I wanted to update our Boppy with a new cover to add to the mix since I only had one cover with Bentley, and I figured that having a second couldn't hurt since we know we will be using it daily the first year + of baby boy's life!

Reusable Wipe Holder

Call me crazy, but I've always wanted a refillable, reusable wipe holder, so I decided I'm going to be getting one this time around! The pattern that I linked also matches the Pacifier Pouch we already have and love.

Pacifier Holder

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that pacifiers end up everywhere, and somehow they become impossible to find when you really need one. I'll be grabbing a set of 2 pacifier holders that will be used to keep pacifiers clean in my ToteSavvy Bag Organizers. The best baby bag organizers of all time! P.S. Use my code: ACLASSYFASHIONISTA for 20% off ToteSavvy Organizers.

Baby Memory Book

I purchased the Grey Linen version to use for Bentley's baby book, and I love it so much that I already purchased the Natural Linen for baby boy! It's a beautiful quality and it's the perfect way to document pregnancy through 5 years old.

Wooden Closet Size Dividers

I always wanted these with Bentley, and I never had them, so I decided I needed them for baby boy #2! I already have them in the closet with his tiny clothes, and I'm so happy I got them. They actually helped me organize by size and see just how many clothes we already have, and the few new pieces that we might need to purchase before he's born.

What items were on your baby registry as a second-time mom?!

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