Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In case you haven't heard the news, Chris and I are moving! It's so crazy to think that moving day is finally almost here. This Saturday is the day, and we are so excited for our new home, but there's also a part of me that is sad to leave the first place I ever called my own home.

I found myself going through old pictures from when I first moved into my apartment, and I wanted to share some of them with you and take you down home decor memory lane.

2015 //

This was the first round of apartment decor and it was so bright and preppy. A lot of my furniture were either DIY projects or IKEA specials. Let me tell ya, there was A LOT of spray paint involved. 

I remember my landlord called me one day and was like one of the neighbors called worried and said they smell gas or fumes coming out of your apartment. I started laughing and was like nah that's just spray paint. I think I went through about 25 cans of spray paint to get everything bright & white.

2015 Decor Posts //

If you're interested, here are some posts from 2015! Don't mind the horrible photo quality & editing haha! I was still a baby blogger and didn't have anything but an iPhone to edit with!

2016 //

This was an interesting year, because it's when I started working full-time in retail management, but blogging was still something that I wanted to continue to do. I decided to turn my spare bedroom, which had remained pretty empty the first six months I lived in the apartment.

I wanted a space that I could come home to that would be my creative space, but also serve as a guest bed for when my friends and family would come to visit. About a week after I initially redid my office, I purchased a vanity and wanted that to be in my office as well, so I switched things up a bit!

If you know me at all in real-life or if you've followed the blog from the start, you know that I can't keep home decor the same for very long. It's always changing!

2016 Decor Posts //

2017 //

This is the year Chris and I got married, so the decor style completely changed! It went from pink everywhere to farmhouse glam. It was the perfect combination of our decor styles. Our apartment went through many upgrades, too! We got a new dining table, new TV stand and TV, we added Chris's bed from his parent's house into the spare bedroom so that guests could have a real bed to sleep on, and my desk remained in the spare bedroom.

This was probably one of my favorite phases. As you'll see, many, many changes happened throughout the year--more that I don't even have pictures of. We just loved to try out new decor styles and combinations in different rooms until we found what worked the best.

2017 Decor Posts //

2018 //

Here we are--2018. It's crazy to think of how far the apartment has come. The memories that have been made--from annual Christmas parties to anniversaries, a lot of traditions were started here. We didn't do a lot of redecorating this year, because we knew that we'd be moving, but here are a few pictures.

I turned my bar cart back into a preppy paradise for a blog post and it just stayed that way. I'm not complaining. 😉 The living room returned to a more bright and light haven, but I kept the pink out this time. We even covered the stupid wall air conditioner for the majority of the year until it got unbearably hot in the apartment. My office didn't change much--same bed and same desk, just different papers.

Now that I've been sitting here for a few hours staring at these photos, it makes me grateful for change. My apartment went through so many phases to get to where it is today, and I think about how that goes for us as well. We go through many phases in our lives to get to where we ultimately need to be. Even though Chris and I aren't moving into our own home just yet, this is part of our journey to get to where we need to be.

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me.

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